Use Uber to Get from Downtown Los Angeles to LAX Airport in 23 Minutes

First and foremost, the reason for writing this blog post is for me to convince you to sign up for Uber (if you haven’t already), so that you could get a free ride up to $30 off as a new customer. In return, I will also get $30 off for referring you. Earlier this year, I wrote The Real Reason Why Uber Is the Best Ridesharing Service on Earth.

With that said, last week I found myself in a debacle between driving my early in the morning to LAX Airport and paying for a week’s worth of parking or taking an Uber. It didn’t make sense for me to pay at least $70 for off-airport parking when I had a bunch of $30 off ride credits from referrals. I even wrote How to Find FREE Parking at LAX International Airport, but it didn’t work out for me since street cleaning days were on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I couldn’t find much information online to see what the real cost would be on taking an UberX from Downtown Los Angeles to LAX Airport (Los Angeles International Airport) in the early morning hours of 5am. You can forget using the fare estimates on the Uber app because those never work. Here’s how to Use Uber to Get from Downtown Los Angeles to LAX Airport in 23 Minutes.

I decided to take an UberX from Downtown LA to LAX Airport and a lovely woman named Annabel picked me up from her Toyota Prius. That was amazing to see a woman pick me up from an Uber since it’s almost always a male. In fact, as a regular UberX user, this was my first time that a female driver has ever picked me up.


It was Monday morning and there was no traffic on the way to the airport and she even asked me which route I’d like to take. I always suggest the 110 South to the 105 West because that’s the fastest way to the Airport. If a driver takes you to the airport on the 110 South to the 10 West to the 405 South, he is long-hauling you.

There was a lot of traffic in the departures level, so I told her to drop me off at American Airlines Terminal 4 in the arrivals level. This is a smart move because you get to avoid all the departures traffic and all you have to do is take an elevator or escalator to the departures level.

Earlier this year, I got scammed by an Uber driver when I had a late night redeye flight at LAX and he took me to the “Arrivals” level which was jammed packed with traffic since all the international flights arrived at that time.

Anyways, the entire journey from Downtown LA to LAX Airport was 18.11 miles which took 23 minutes and 3 seconds. The total fare ended up being $26.56 with the mandatory safe rides fee which was a complete bargain!


My total out of pocket cost was $0 since I had a $30 off ride credit.


As a general rule of thumb when using UberX, I usually measure $1 per minute with no traffic plus the extra $1 safe rides fee and I’m usually right on the money. I’m definitely going to be using UberX more to the airport if it outweighs paying off-airport parking fees.

Disclosure: I receive $30 in Uber credits if you sign up using my link . You also receive $30 for signing up as a new member. Thanks for the Uber free ride support.


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