How to Find an Orbitz Best Price Guarantee and Get Free Orbucks

One of my favorite things about travel hacking is successfully invoking a company’s generous Best Rate Guarantee policy. Two years ago, I wrote a popular step by step guide on How to Find a Starwood Best Rate Guarantee and Get 2,000 Starpoints Every Time. I usually stay at Starwood Hotels primarily, but they aren’t everywhere so I’m forced to stay at other hotels. This is a guide on how to find an Orbitz Best Price Guarantee and get free Orbucks in the process.

A few days ago, I wrote An Overview of the Orbitz Rewards Program where I explained the benefits of Silver, Gold, and Platinum elite status and their generous Orbucks policy that goes with each membership tier.


Basically, if you can find an Orbitz hotel on sale for a lower price than the main site, then you are able to invoke the Orbitz Best Price Guarantee policy. In return for finding a lower price, Orbitz will refund 100% of the price difference in the form of Orbucks PLUS an additional $50 in Orbucks.

As an Orbitz Rewards member you’ll get even more Orbucks if you find a lower price elsewhere after booking on Orbitz:

– Silver members (FREE to sign up) get up to an additional $100 in Orbucks
– Gold members (after 4 room nights) get up to an additional $150 in Orbucks
– Platinum members (after 12 room nights) get up to an additional $200 in Orbucks (not to exceed the total amount of the booking)

So how do you find lower rates and get up to $200 in additional Orbucks? I use a website called which is an aggregate site for third party hotels. Kayak scours the entire web on multiple websites for the lowest prices available.

I will give you a step by step picture tutorial on how to find these lower rates and get up to $200 in additional Orbucks in your pocket with every booking.

Step 1. Register for the FREE Orbitz Rewards Program and you automatically become a Silver member which essentially gives you up to $100 in additional Orbucks (instead of $50) with every successful Best Price Guarantee.


Step 2. Have in mind an Orbitz property location with your targeted dates. In my example, I am looking for a hotel in Phelan, California for February.


Step 3. I am looking at the Best Western Cajon Pass in Phelan, CA. Keep a note of the lowest rate available on with taxes. In my case it is $94.99+ tax = $102.68.


Step 4. Fire up and plug in the same dates. Uncheck the boxes under “Compare vs. Kayak” and click Search.


Step 5. I see that Kayak produced a few results for the Best Western Cajon Pass and the lowest price is $73.00 on It is lower than what I found on so that works. If you get a higher or the same rate as on, then you will not be able to invoke the Orbitz Best Price Guarantee. If you found a lower rate, continue to Step 6.


Step 6. This is the most important step. You must verify that the price is lower on the 3rd party website (in my case, and it must be the same room (1 King Non-smoking) with the same features (breakfast included). In addition, the 3rd party website must have the SAME cancellation policies as the one on Orbitz or else your claim will be rejected.


Step 7. I’ve verified that the room I found on was lower than Orbitz and I’ve double and tripled check the cancellation policies which both offered Free Cancellation and breakfast.

orbitzBRG10 orbitzBRG4

Step 8. Go back to (Make sure you have signed up to be a Silver member for free) and book your hotel. (I generally only book refundable hotels just in case my claim gets denied for whatever reason)

Step 9. Invoke the Orbitz Best Price Guarantee by using this Claim form link.


Step 10. Fill out the form completely. Note that you DO need to have a reservation from Orbitz, and be sure to fill out the Orbitz Confirmation # since it is required for a Best Price Guarantee. In addition, make sure you fill in the comments what rate and room type you found on and the third party website.


Step 11. You will need to attach a ‘Print Screen’ screenshot of the Lower Price by clicking ‘Choose File’.


Step 12. Click on “Continue” and you should receive a confirmation from Orbitz saying that ‘Your Question has been Submitted’ and there will be a Question Reference # attached.


Step 13. Within 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail from the Orbitz Best Price Guarantee team notifying you of an approval or denial. In my case, it was approved where I will receive the $10 price difference in the form of Orbucks PLUS an additional $102.68 in Orbucks as an Orbitz Rewards Gold Member (I get up to $150 in additional Orbucks).


You will receive the extra Orbucks within 7-10 business days after completion of your stay.

Happy booking!


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6 Comments on "How to Find an Orbitz Best Price Guarantee and Get Free Orbucks"

  1. Let me get this straight. First you overpay for a room with real money (not to mention topcashback considerations). Then it’s rebated back to you in Orbucks plus a $100+ bounty.

    So it’s essentially just a 40% discount, no?

    1. Pay $100 for a $90 hotel room. Receive $110 in Orbucks.
    2. Use $110 Orbucks for $110 hotel room.
    3. You got two hotel rooms ($200 value) for $100 out of pocket.

    (That looks like 50%, but if you include the fact you could have booked it on, it’s more like 40%.)

  2. I recently booked a night at a hotel this summer. During my search for lowest rate, I noticed that Orbitz was substantially more expensive so went with Expedia instead. Now with this low price guarantee, I’m wondering if I can profit on this. After taxes, Expedia is now $128.45. This rate has free cancellation. Orbitz’s current rate is $157.10 and NON-refundable. In this case, the Expedia rate is almost $30 lower AND it has a better cancellation policy. It sounds like a no-brainer to submit, but like you, I like to book only refundable rates in case something goes wrong. You said that the cancellation policy has to be the SAME. In this case, Expedia’s is BETTER. I assume that shouldn’t be an issue?

    • Your claim will be rejected by Orbitz because the Expedia rate can be cancelled whereas the Orbitz rate is prepaid (non-cancel-able), even though Expedia has the better policy. Remember, everything has to be the same (room, benefits, and cancellation policy) on Orbitz AND the 3rd party site.

  3. Hi there,

    Could anyone kindly share if they’ve had a successfully experience with this so far (where they completed the stay and received the Orbucks as promised and was able to apply it to a new booking)?

  4. I have booked a vacation package(air + hotel + car) for cancun on Orbitz at the end of July and now I see the same itinerary for 500$ less on Orbitz website. Will I be able to file the claim for this?

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