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How to Find a Best Western Best Rate Guarantee and Get a $100 Gift Card

Last month I was planning a snowboarding trip which ultimately got cancelled due to the lack of snow in Southern California and I ended booking a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. While I was planning my snowboarding trip, I saw that the cabins were sold out and the nearest hotel to the ski resort was in Phelan, CA. I saw that there was a Best Western option for $101.64 taxes included on bestwestern.com and wanted to see if it was cheaper on a third party site. Lo and behold, it was much lower at booking.com which was $77.30 taxes included.

The great thing about Best Western is that for every successful Best Rate Guarantee (BRG), you will earn a $100 Best Western Travel Gift Card after your stay has been completed. If you find a lower rate on a 3rd party site, Best Western will match that price in addition to the $100 Best Western Gift Card. The gift card can be used for future stays at Best Western Hotels around the world which make this a very lucrative opportunity. Here’s my guide on How to Find a Best Western Best Rate Guarantee and Get a $100 Gift Card.

Step 1. Identify the hotel on Bestwestern.com with your dates and make a note of the two different rates, the higher cancellable rate and the lower pre-paid non-cancellable rate. Always deal with the cancellable rate just in case your Best Western Best Rate Guarantee Claim gets denied. In my example, I found a rate of $94.99 + tax = $101.64

Step 2. Go to Kayak.com/hotels and search for the hotel. Note the lowest price and click on that link. (If same price, sorry – better luck next time) In my case, I was led to booking.com where the rate was $72.74+ tax = $77.30

Step 3. If you’ve identified a lower rate, note that the ‘currency’ must be the same on both sites or else you will be denied. Also make sure that the cancellation policy is the same on bestwestern.com and on the third party site. Again, I stress that you look for cancellable rates just in case of a denial. In addition, it must be the same exact room type with the same amenities (e.g. deluxe room with breakfast).

Step 4. If you think you found a lower site, head over to bestwestern.com and book the room with the cancellable rate. Then, submit a Best Rate Guarantee using this claim form. Make sure to fill out everything completely and accurately in order to avoid a BRG claim denial.

Step 5. Within 24 hours, you should get an e-mail from a BRG representative thanking you for submitting a Best Rate Guarantee claim.

Step 6. Within the 24 hour period after the BRG submittal, you should receive an e-mail and/or phone call with your claim status. I received a phone call in addition to the e-mail. The lower rate was reflected online immediately after receiving the e-mail.

Bear in mind that you must check-in and complete your stay in order to qualify for the $100 Best Western Travel Gift Card which will be e-mailed to you in 2-3 weeks after your stay.


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