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Big Greek Wedding in Greece: Monemvasia – a fortress you can live in

Flight and Athens
The Acropolis
Athens Protest 2011 and Mount Lycabettus
Acropolis Museum
Trip to Gythio, Mystras, and Ouzo
Monemvasia – a fortress you can live in
Diros Caves near Gythio and Night-Before Dinner/Antics
Back to Athens and homeward bound

July 2011:

The next day, we went to Monemvasia for the morning.

Many of the walkways was very narrow in the habitable part of the fortress. The upper levels of the mountain had more room. Much of the habitable space in the fortress was turned into hotels. During our visit, we saw mules carrying supplies up the mountain.

The views are very nice from up top.

You can see from this last picture of the bridge that connects the fortress to the mainland.

We then relaxed on the beach for a few hours before having an late lunch.

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