Las Vegas: Old Vegas, Ramen, New Vegas, and M-resort dinner buffet

Intro, Hoover Dam, and Grand Canyon

Old Vegas, Ramen, New Vegas, and M-resort dinner buffet

Red Rock Canyon National Park and Cirque de Soliel

Paris Hotel Breakfast Buffet, Vegas Part 2 and Flight home

March 2012

So today we were just going to sightseeing in Vegas We started in Old Vegas. The buffets here were much cheaper, but I suspect the quality isn’t too high. It was also cool to see the Golden Nugget as the WSOP takes place there. There was also a cool zipline along Old Vegas.

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We stopped for lunch at Munta. The ramen was good and we didn’t have to wait too long for our seat as it was a weekday.

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We then drove to the Las Vegas sign and took our picture there. We just had to. We waited about 30 minutes to get our picture taken. There were all sorts of people there, couples, groups, friends, etc. Large groups tend to be the most obnoxious as they want a billion pictures to be taken with their own cameras and doing stupid poses. Come on, there’s a long line, just keep moving. The people after you on line sort of have to take your picture as you’ll want your picture taken by the people behind you. Its sort of like Pay It Forward, and it works out nicely.

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We stopped into Luxor and visited the three different casinos attached via tram. It is a great idea and it definitely helps with the walking as they’re pretty far from one another. It will also help with the heat in the summer time. Luckily it was a bit on the cool side in Vegas.

IMG_0640 IMG_0645 IMG_0652 IMG_0654

We then drove off the strip and to M-resort. My wife’s cousin says its more of a local casino with better prices and their food is pretty good. Either way, my wife loved it. I believe she loves any concept of an all-you-can-eat place, even though I was the one running all the time and can easily out-eat her. We were close to the last groups to be let into the buffet and we definitely closed the place down. We were there until about 11pm as we kept eating. By about 10:30 they clean up everything except for the dessert, which we kept eating as they were the only thing left out. I was too busy eating to take pictures unfortunately.

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