Shanghai 2012: Google Maps in China

Shanghai on gMaps

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Despite China trying to censor Google and many ISPs redirecting to Google HK, Google maps is surprisingly accurate with major destinations and even some restaurants. There are still some points of interests that are not on the maps as they probably are too new. With the recent construction boom, there may be many things that don’t appear on the map, even on their satelite maps. You can also expect new subway lines to come into operation as well so make sure to check the updated maps on the local Chinese metro websites. Many cities have begun building many metro lines, even in established cities like Beijing and Shanghai. I have seen many additions to the map between my trip in 2012 and 2013 so Google is still working on updating their maps in China.

Google maps is best used to locate where the high speed rail train stations are so you know where you’ll end up and where you need to be. Google even has where the train stations are, which is very useful as it gives you an idea of the surrounding area. Google maps works very well on my unlocked Android phone and it has definitely helped out many times while traveling around China and many other places in the world.

Some of the POIs are not on the map but on the satellite map so make sure to check both to make sure it is there or if the POI is correct.

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