Shanghai 2012: Cantonese Food and Ramen in Shanghai

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On the first day spent in Shanghai, I already made up my mind that I wasn’t into most of local Shanghai cuisine so I spent the next few weekends looking for some Cantonese cuisine.

I was walking around the Shanghai Financial area and found Din Tai Fung. Yes, I stumbled onto it. I didn’t know much about it but their menu looked good so i walked in and ordered a few dumplings. Later I learned it was world famous. Their desserts were amazing as well.

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Security Pooch at Shanghai Tower

Another place for cantonese food is Crystal Jade. There are two locations. One in the mall at the end of the french concession in Xintiandi (2nd floor), and another right near the line 1 station of South Huangpi above the Apple store.

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The restaurant mainly serves cantonese dishes and dim sum and also offering shanghai and other chinese cuisines in the back of the menu.

I had some cantonese shrimp dumpling, fried sticks with dough and some fried eggs with wide noodles. The fried sticks with dough was a bit disappointing but the dumpling was good. The noodles were amazing. Amazing is relative. Normally its very good back on the East coast, but compared to the shanghai cuisine that i do not care for, this dish was amazing. It had good flavor and the noodles were well seasoned. The photos weren’t that good as I had accidentally switched it to another mode, which made all the pictures really dark.

There are many other cantonese dishes on the menu that look good. I will definitely be coming back whenever i am in Shanghai.

There is a second location in Hong Kong Plaza and they specialize in the xiaolong bao and lai mian (pull noodles). I tried both and were very good. This restaurant was nowhere as crowded as the other location since this might be brand new in April 2012.

IMG 348 (1280x853)

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When I was there again in 2013, I found a cantonese restaurant in the mall across the street from the Le Meriden in People’s Square.

IMG 318 (1280x853)

I actually took this picture back in 2012 and never went. I didn’t even remember taking this picture until the following year when writing this blog. There wasn’t a wait for this place but there may be a 5-15 minute wait. There were other restaurants, like the Thai restaurant upstairs, that has a long wait.

This isn’t really cantonese food but I then wanted to have some ramen and tried to find the best place for it in Shanghai. I found that Ippudo opened a new branch in Shanghai inside SWFC in October 2012 and I went there in 2013. It was a good place for ramen and there is always a line. Luckily, i was traveling by myself and found a place by the bar. There is an odd number of chairs on that table so its easy to get a spot, unless there is an odd number of people there.

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