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Shanghai 2012: Intercontinental Puxi Review

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Intercontinental Shanghai Puxi Review
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Flight Home and After Thoughts

It was a very nice room. Spacious with a very nice shower. The bathroom was well laid out, with the shower stall and separate toilet stall. There are some corner rooms that are slightly larger and have wall to ceiling windows on two adjacent walls so its a good view of the outside. There’s not much to see as it was on the lower level but still a nice room. I did have pictures of this room but the exposure was way too low so all the pictures are black. The below picture is a normal room.

The location seems to be convenient if you are traveling out of the Shanghai railway station. It is about 500m away from the railway station. You can see the hotel directly from the train station. The rail station has high speed trains going to Nanjing and Beijing. However, it takes a few transfers to get from Pudong Airport. The reason I stayed here is because my company operates out of the offices in the adjacent building.

The gym area was a bit inconvenient to get to. You cannot use the same elevator as the rooms to get there. You need to go back down to the lobby and take another elevator to the fifth floor to get there. The pool and gym are in the same area. The gym is above, overlooking the pool, which is nice. The treadmills are placed such that it is looking at the pool. I dont remember what other machines they have.

The pool was very nice. It was warm and deep, starting off at about 3 feet and sinking to 7 feet. There is an attendant that is there but might not be there from time to time if it is empty. The pool was warm, similar to a shallow recreation pool. It might not be a good idea to do a large number of laps, but good for a relaxing swim. It seems to be about 25m long and about 10-15m wide. The 7 feet depth is great for treading water.

They offer lockers and towels in the changing area. You can get a magnetic locker key from the front desk in the gym area.

The breakfast buffet in the lobby is one of the best I had in China. This is mostly because they cook beef sirloin on the grill so this was a great place to get my morning protein as I was in the middle of training for another marathon in about two months time. There was eggs, sausage, ham, sushi, bread, croissants and assorted pastries and bread, porridge, soups and many other hot foods. The dining room is quite large and there is not usually a wait. The buffet is about 30 dollars so luckily it was included in my room rate.

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