Shanghai 2012: Changzhou Tianning Temple

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I took a cab to the Tianning Temple. It is only about five minutes away from Changzhou Railway station.
IMG_ 025 (1024x683) IMG_ 027 (1024x683) IMG_ 029 (1024x683) IMG_ 030 (1024x683) IMG_ 031 (683x1024)

The entrance has four large statues guarding it.

IMG_ 032 (1024x683) IMG_ 034 (1024x683)IMG_ 033 (683x1024)

This temple is still being used by monks so they were going through their normal daily routine. I do not know what it was but they were praying.

IMG_ 035 (1024x683) IMG_ 038 (1024x683) IMG_ 037 (683x1024) IMG_ 036 (683x1024)

I found this building with 10000 Buddha statues. The building is the left one in the picture.

IMG_ 040 (683x1024)IMG_ 067 (683x1024)

IMG_ 041 (1024x683) IMG_ 042 (1024x683) IMG_ 043 (683x1024)

The mats in the above picture is for praying.

IMG_ 044 (683x1024) IMG_ 045 (1024x683) IMG_ 046 (683x1024)

There was a covered walkway on the outside of this level, which offered great views of the surrounding area.

IMG_ 048 (1024x683) IMG_ 051 (1024x683)

The main plaza area was filled with places to put incense. There was also a gift shop that sold them.

IMG_ 054 (1024x683) IMG_ 058 (1024x683)

There is an entrance fee for the Tianning Pagoda, which wasn’t worth it.

IMG_ 064 (1024x683) IMG_ 065 (683x1024)

Then there was this small building holding many small golden statues.

 IMG_ 069 (1024x683) IMG_ 070 (1024x683) IMG_ 071 (1024x683)IMG_ 074 (1024x683)

Dogs used to look like this a few thousand years ago.

IMG_ 077 (1024x683)

IMG_ 079 (1024x683)

Next was the Palace of Heavenly Kings.

IMG_ 084 (683x1024) IMG_ 085 (1024x683)

IMG_ 081 (1024x683) IMG_ 083 (1024x683) IMG_ 086 (683x1024) IMG_ 087 (1024x683)

Here are some of the incense stations up close.

IMG_ 091 (1024x683) IMG_ 092 (1024x683)

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