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Dublin Marathon 2013: Layover at CDG, The Louvre and iPass Lounge CDG

Layover at CDG, The Louvre and iPass Lounge CDG!

I managed to get out of work at 3pm. It was a bit hard as I had some last minute things to do and cleaning up the rest of my office as it was my last day. It was hard to walk out of there after 5 years. I worked with amazing people there in all sorts of functions. I will miss using working with other people to organize charity events.

I made it home just short of 4pm and left for the airport at 4:30 for my 6:45pm flight. The bus between South Station and the airport was very slow due to traffic in the tunnel between South Boston and East Boston. Next time, I may use the blue line for Friday afternoons. Traffic didn’t look go elsewhere in Boston as well.

During the long bus ride, I found an old friend from BU. She was my wife’s roommate and we chatted during the entire time. It was good catching up with her.


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