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Dublin Marathon 2013: Race Day and Review

Dublin Marathon 2013: Race Day and Review

Below is a timeline of my race day.

Race Day and Review

Eventually I found where my coral was. There weren’t clear signs for it in the area I was in. I asked around to find out.

There were some interesting costumes as it was very close to Halloween, like the guy above in the chicken suit. His wife was in a wedding gown. There were also a pair of astronauts as well.




The pace signs were on a backpack and they wore it the entire time. It is much more visible than other pace signs I have seen and doesn’t require someone to hold it.





The race was very nice. It was scenic and the weather was amazing for the race. The Expo was very well laid out and there was some nice marathon merchandise for sale. It was a bit chaotic to get to the Expo but it worked out well.

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