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Dublin Marathon 2013: Clarion Dublin Airport Review

Clarion Dublin Airport Review

Before I got to the hotel, I stayed at the airport to catch some dinner. I checked the closing time and knew that I wouldn’t have time to make it back after I checked in.

I went to a noodle shop there. The noodles were overcooked but the broth and pork was good.

I decided to wander around and found this gathering area for families or groups of people. The pool table is coin operated. It was a nice area before security to meet and relax if it doesn’t get too crowded.

So I used Google Maps to navigate my way to the Clarion Hotel. I saw it on the way into the airport so I knew it was close by. Here was my exact route from Terminal 2. Below is a picture of the exact route I took, which took no more than 10 minutes. It may take you 15 minutes the first time to get there, but coming back to the airport was very easy.

So I started at Terminal 2, then walked to the car rental building. I took the elevator to the first floor, turned 180 degrees and walked straight. You should be able to see the Radission Blu sign from the first floor of the car rental building. Keep walking down this internal airport street until you hit the parking lot. There is a narrow gap in the trees that allows you into the parking lot. The last building I walked around was the Clarion Hotel Dublin Airport. The end of the red line was the only entrance and it leads to the check-in counter, lobby, bar and restaurant.

After taking a look at the map, this is one route you could take to walk to the Radisson Blu Hotel:

If you are worried about your luggage, you can use the trolleys to get your luggage to the Clarion Hotel. I can’t say anything for the Radisson Blu as I did not stay there. I had a duffel bag and bookbag so it was pretty easy, but I can see how it can be difficult if you have heavier pieces of luggage. There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel, but there is a 2EUR charge for the shuttle from the hotel to the airport. Very weird.

There were a few luggage carts already here. I was leaving at 4:30am so I was sure I could get one of these carts to help me bring my luggage back to the airport.

This was a nice hotel that was very close to the airport. Great for those early flights as mines leaves at 6am.


The room was pretty big, especially with the couch. The bathroom was nice and spacious as well.

There was some instant coffee and tea bags with a hot water kettle. The closet was a fair size.

There were some vending machines in case you need something. This can be important if you don’t have a car. There are two 24 hour stores in terminal 2, which is a 10 minute walk.

The lobby area was pretty big but there were many visitors in this area. The second picture is of the sit down restaurant.

The check-in counter is on the right of the first picture. The bar was very nice, as seen in the second picture.

This was a nice hotel to spend the night before my early flight. I would definitely stay here again if I had the same itinerary.

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