Nov 2013 Update: DFW Centurion Lounge and New Gift Bag

Update: DFW Centurion Lounge and New Gift Bag

Sorry for posting this quite late, but here is a quick update on some of the lounge rules and the gift bag as of early November. Here was my original review with pictures of the lounge.

DFW Centurion Lounge and L’Occitane Gift Bag

Spa Treatments

There is no limit on the number of spa treatments you can have. They generally split them up into two categories, massages and facials, or nail treatments. You can sign up for one in each category at a time. Once you are done with those treatments, you can go back to the front desk to request the next time slot available. If I find the wait to be about 30-45 minutes, I’ll do another. However, if the list is much longer, I rather give another person an opportunity to get one rather than going for a second time.

Gift Bag

Even though the front reception said they had tons of the L’Occitane gift bags, they ran out by the time I went back there two weeks later. They said that everyone has been asking for them.

They had another gift bag during November. I wasn’t offered one initial so I asked if they had one and I was given these items:



It is a book by Jim Meehan called “The PDT Cocktail book” with Barbecue Spice Seasoning by Chef Dean Fearing. I haven’t used it yet but look to use the cocktail book.

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