Antarctica Marathon 2014: Hotels, Flights, Final Deposit, Medevac Insurance

Antarctica Marathon 2014: Hotels, Flights, Final Deposit, Medevac Insurance

Here are some background posts on my plans for Antarctica Marathon 2014 trip.

I was put on a ship that leaves a day later so I would need a hotel room a day before the trip starts. I also need a night after just in case the boat is late. I may take this time to unwind before my flight back to Boston.


The best option was to stay at the two Sheraton. Sheraton Buenos Aires Convention center is closer to the airport bus by a few blocks. When I am arriving into EZE, I will be staying at the Sheraton Libertador and the Convention Center on my last night. I did cash and points for both nights so it was 5k points and $55US + $15 Tax each night.


I managed to find a business seat on the way down. BOS-JFK-EZE on AA older 777. I booked a first class flight EZE-MIA-BOS for Monday morning.

Final Deposit

The final deposit was about $4000 so I cashed in a few shares of Apple stock I held onto and then sent the money in. I made a profit on it as I bought it around 200-300 a share, but not as much when it hit $700 a share. I sold it about $500 a share.

Medevac insurance

This marathon is so bad-ass that you need medevac insurance. I actually looked into it for my two week Europe/Australia trip as I had no health insurance due to changing jobs and I was running two marathons so I wanted the extra insurance. I bought medevac insurance, even though it was totally overkill as I was in major cities the entire trip, and it came out to be about $80 bucks for two weeks. It also provides for lost baggage allowance but I didn’t file the claim in time when my bag got delayed on the PEK-SYD leg of my trip.

I bought my insurance through They are a search engine for many travel insurance types and companies. It did offer great search options, especially when I was trying to get an insurance that would act as my primary as I had no insurance at the time.

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