Weekly Running Update: Feb 2nd, 2014

Weekly Running Update: Feb 2nd, 2014

I was still sick this week so I didn’t do any running at all. I had a good 21 mile run last week but I didn’t want to get any worst by running his week. There wasn’t much surge pricing on Uber or PTT on Lyft so didn’t get a lot of driving done this week. My wife was also sick (with something else) so I wanted to be home to be with her and take care of her.

Training program:

I’ll take some more time to recover this week and try to run slightly higher distances throughout the week to try to get stay in shape for the marathon. I should have enough training to finish but want to do the most I can to get a better time.

This should be enough to build a base and finish the HK marathon. Hopefully in mid March when I get back from Antarctica I can start mixing in some speed and hill workouts to get a new PR sometime in the fall.

I’m not following a set schedule as I have a few mileage run on the weekends. I’m going to keep my long runs either Friday night or Thursday night and then having shorter runs on the weekends. I’ll slowly shift my schedule for the HK marathon, which is a Sunday.

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