Scored my First AA SWU Upgrade: LAX-NRT

Scored my First AA SWU Upgrade: LAX-NRT

I knew this would be easy to get. There was more than 7 business class seats available as of last week. This week, I saw a few more open seats on Expertflyer’s seatmap, including a few pairs of window seats.

I got an email notifying me about my flight. It didn’t say I got the upgrade but when I checked the class of the ticket, it said C and business class, which was a SWU upgrade. I quickly called in and got a window seat, which I was a bit surprised about. I couldn’t manage to do it online Thursday as I couldn’t log into AA.

Even the morning before my flight, there were still some seats open. You can see its all middle seats open, which I was dreading a bit. I’m glad I got my notification 48 hours before! - Empowering the Frequent Flyer


I’m looking at my next flight back, which is on President’s day. So far, there are a ton of seats so I feel good about this upgrade too. I’m going to try to score a business class seat again for the trip back. I’ll see how that’ll work. - Empowering the Frequent Flyer (1)

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