Weekly Running Update: Feb 16th, 2014

Weekly Running Update: Feb 16th, 2014

I missed last week’s update as I haven’t ran all of last week. I was still getting over the virus I still had and also very busy at work as I was wrapping up some testing before going on a week vacation to Singapore, KL, and HK. I am finally better this week so I feel ok for the marathon. It still bugs me that I haven’t ran in almost two weeks before the marathon so I hope to do well today in the Hong Kong Marathon.

[Update: I finished the marathon! 5:17 I think. Not a great time at all. There were so many inclines. If you love bridges and tunnels, this is your marathon. More on that next week]

Training program:

I’ll take some more time to recover this week and try to run slightly higher distances throughout the week to stay in shape for the Antarctica marathon. I’m going to need to start training outside to get used to the cold again.

This should be enough to maintain my fitness to finish the Antarctica Marathon. Hopefully in mid March when I get back from Antarctica I can start mixing in some speed and hill workouts to get a new PR sometime in the fall.

I’m not following a set schedule as my schedule back at home is pretty choatic. I will try to run my short distances on the weekdays (6-10 miles) and longer distances on the weekend (16-20 miles).

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