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Singapore 2014: Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo

Singapore 2014: Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo

I didn’t have enough time to go to the Singapore Zoo so I went to see what the night safari was like. I took the train to Ang Mo Kio and took the 138 bus to the zoo. Follow the signs for Zoo or 138 and you’ll see the line for it. I got the unlimited tourist pass so I used that for the bus and train. Its more expensive per day than just getting a card and filling it, but I figured I didn’t want to deal with worrying about metro/bus costs.



It was late in the day so not many people were going to the zoo and I was very early for the night safari. I slept for most of the bus ride there.


The night safari entrance is to the right of the Singapore Zoo entrance.


Fire dance show stars at 6:45pm (very similar to a fire dance you would see in Hawaii, Tahiti, etc), gates open a few minutes before 7pm. The show tends to distract most of the crowd so try to sneak around the crowd to get on line for the tram. I would say skip the show and try to go towards the gate when the fire dance show starts.

There are four trams (that I am aware of) and they supposedly arrive at each station every 5 minutes. The tour takes about 40 minutes. I sat at the end of the 2nd car and it allowed me to take pictures of both sides since the space between the cars allowed me enough room to take pictures.


I went in mid February so it got dark about halfway into our tour. I managed to get a few more shots before it became too dark for pictures. You can still see the animals as most of the exhibits are dimly lit with overhead lights, but not enough for pictures.


Once the tour was over, I walked on some of the trails. I only had time for the Wallaby Trail before the show started.


On the brochure, it says to start with the night show first and then the tram tour. It was written this way to get more people to go to the night show. Since I managed to get on line early for the tram, I did the tram tour first. Many people who found the tram line too long went to the first night show. I went to the second one around 7:30pm.

The night show was mildly entertaining. Its very similar to seal shows at the aquarium but now with some night animals. Its fairly humorous.


They had two kids come up as participants in the show. One came up close to a sea otter and the other one a giant snake. The snake was harmless but pretty funny.


The sea otters is recycling, as you see in the below picture.

I walked around a bit longer after the show but I was pretty tired from the long day so I decided to leave quite a bit early.


The view of the tram line and also the entrance gates.


Below is a picture of the gift shops. The second picture is of the bus station across from the night safari.


I managed to get the last seat on the bus and managed to black out for most of the bus ride back.

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