Weekly Running Update: April 6th, 2014

Weekly Running Update: April 6th, 2014

I’m still ramping up to my full marathon training program. I did a short 6 mile run Thursday and then my long run of 15 miles on Saturday. The long run felt pretty good. I ran it about a 10min/mile pace and I had to slow myself down a few times to make sure I wasn’t running too fast. This makes me feel a bit better that I can probably start some speed workouts in about two weeks.

Training program:

My short term plan is to run 2-3x a week, 6 miles and then a long run on the weekend. I’ll slowly ramp up to running 5x a week (in about 2-3 weeks) with a speed session as one of them and another as a race pace run. I’ll do the best I can to keep up with this schedule until June when I’ll start running 6x a week using Hal Higdon Advanced 1 program. I used it last summer to bring my PR down to sub 4. I am hoping to get 3:30 or 3:40 in the Oregon Marathon mid September.

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