Kuala Lumpur 2014: Malaysia Airlines First and Business Lounge at KUL

Kuala Lumpur 2014: Malaysia Airlines First and Business Lounge at KUL

The following morning, I headed to KUL to hop on a flight to HKG for my marathon. Now that I am flying OneWorld, I have access to both CX and MH Lounge

Malaysian first/business lounge: First very small but no one really there. Table service but limited menu selection. Business class lounge had much more food but a little more crowded. The lounge was very big so it didn’t feel that crowded.

Buffet food, noodles, and coffee station that also does Tah terik.

IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0407 IMG_0408

After the check-in process, I was invited to the First Class lounge, which is on the right of the counter, seen in the last picture above. It is very spacious and a lot of seating. There were only about 10 people in the lounge when I was there, and easily 100 in the larger business class lounge. Amol over at Hack My Trip mentioned that the First Class Lounge was being renovated just a month or two ago when he was passing by here.

IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411

Here was the cold food selection for breakfast.

IMG_0412 IMG_0413 IMG_0414 IMG_0415

Below is the smoking room at the end of the First Class Lounge. I cannot remember if there is one in the business class lounge.



There is a private dining room in the First Class Lounge. Below was a buffet selection and then dishes you can order for breakfast. The selection was limited on the menu but if you know what you want, you can ask if they can bring it to you. There was much more food available in the business class lounge.

IMG_0417 IMG_0418

Below is the business center and bar in the business class lounge.

IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0422 IMG_0423

A picture of their ice cream fridge. I completely forgot to take one but it was Ice Cream from New Zealand.


Here was the continental breakfast buffet spread. There is a noodle bar further down in the lounge and more hot food so keep scrolling.

IMG_0425 IMG_0426 IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0430

Here was the noodle bar and made fresh with the ingredients you want. They advertised Wonton Noodle Soup but either my server neglected to add in the Wonton or it was one big hoax.

IMG_0431 IMG_0432 IMG_0433

In the back section of the lounge, there was more food, including a display of hot buffet items like curry chicken and rice.

IMG_0434 IMG_0435 IMG_0436


Overall, this lounge is great. I personally prefer the business class lounge for its food but if I wanted to go somewhere quiet, I would hop over to the First Class lounge. The First Class lounge seemed to have less food than the business class lounge but I am sure you can order it. However, if you didn’t know it existed and it wasn’t on the menu, how would you order it?

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