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Antarctica Marathon 2014: Las Nazarenas and Argentinian Cuisine

Antarctica Marathon 2014: Las Nazarenas and Argentinian Cuisine

This is a review of a restaurant near San Martin square and Marriott Park Plaza Hotel in Buenos Aires.

Las Nazarenas and Argentinian Cuisine

Beef is very popular in Argentina. I would say a typical dish is beef steak with fries. Many restaurants offers many different cuts of beef and many different sides, such as mashed and baked potatoes, sweet potato, salad, etc. There is a lot of great beef in Argentina and a staple in many Argentinian meals. This is a must try if anyone goes to Argentina.

This restaurant has a fire pit to grill massive cuts of meat, in addition to their large grill on the first floor.



There is also a large Italian population here so good Italian food is easy to find. This was great for us runners who wanted to get a mix of protein and carbs. My plan was to have a steak for lunch and then pasta and carbs for dinner.

I’ve been to this restaurant a few times while I was in EZE and it is a good restaurant. I haven’t been to many that serves steak in Argentina but the beef was very good here. I got a few different cuts and all were cooked perfectly with the meat very tender.

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