Antarctica Marathon 2014: Runner Highlight – Bartosz Mazerski

Antarctica Marathon 2014: Runner Highlight – Bartosz Mazerski

This is a post about the winner of the Antarctica Marathon 2014!

Runner Highlight: Overall Winner: Bartek


This story is completely awesome, almost as good as my next runner highlight.

He is from Poland. Currently, he is an athletic teacher and coach in Poland. He is also a semi-professional runner.

The only reason why he is on this trip is because he won a contest. Despite being a semi-professional athlete, he wouldn’t be able to afford this trip otherwise. Ioffe Coffee ran a contest where they would sponsor one athlete and the contest was along the lines of “Sports Dream.” They had a preliminary round and then a final round. Some other finalists were a women swimming across the English Channel. I cannot remember some of the other finalists. His English was not that good.

Anyhow he won the contest and received about 30000 Polish dollars towards the trip. He will need to take back pictures and write something for them about this trip.


He was the most humble person I met on this ship. After we talked to him a few times, he started opening up about his history and his running back at home.

He won the Antarctica Marathon at 3:17. Crazy time. He was a few minutes within the record for this marathon. The only reason why he didn’t do it in 3 hours was because he stopped along the way to take pictures and with his various sponsor banners. Now I know why he did that.


His first marathon ever was in Warsaw. He ran it in 2:24. That’s a really good time. His own personal record is 2:16 and I believe he had won Warsaw Marathon. We had to pry it out of him that he won the Warsaw marathon.

Unfortunately in Poland, he doesn’t make the cutoff for being on the Olympic team. In Poland, it’s all based on time. The cut-off is 2:10. The fastest Polish Marathoner ran a 2:06 in London.

A few weeks ago, he won the Cork Marathon with a time of about 2:30. So yea, he’s kind of a good runner.

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