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Antarctica Marathon 2014: Day 8: Onboard Bill Settlement

Antarctica Marathon 2014: Day 8: Onboard Bill Settlement

This is a post about how we settled our onboard bill and then pick up our passports.

Day 8: Bill settlement and passport return

Before getting on the ship, all passports are held in a drybag and put inside the safe. This is to ensure they are all in one place and dry in case anything happens with the ship.

Everything on board is charged to your room and name. At the end of the trip, your bill is tallied and sent to your room the day before you dock and leave the ship. The settlement is done in the library and they call you by parts of the ship and deck.

You can either pay with a credit card or with USD cash. Argentinian Pesos are not accepted onboard.

The company is based in Canada so there are two amounts on the bill, USD and CND. Even though the final amount is written in CND, you will be charged in USD in case for the foreign transaction fees. I used a fee-less card just in case they end up charging me in CND. They get an update on the CND-USD exchange rates the night before so that it is accurate.

Then you go up to the lounge and pick up your passport. If you did the polar plunge, you also pick up your certificate. There were about 50 people who did it on this ship, the most ever according to one of the staff.

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