American Airlines DFW-HKG Business 77W Review

American Airlines DFW-HKG Business 77W Review

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong:

I managed to clear my SWU upgrade the afternoon before my flight to Hong Kong. This was one of the first few 77W AA flies that has the newest business class seats that lie completely flat. It can be a bit narrow for some people but I was just fine. It is a bit wider (an inch or two) than the seat CX has been using for years.


A few things about this seat:

  • The monitor swings out but needs to be folded in during takeoff and landing. Luckily, AA has the entertainment turned on shortly before takeoff.
  • For those who haven’t been in this seat before, the headphone jack is inside the cabinet, and actually faces away from you. I looked for that thing for a solid 10 minutes.
  • The cabinet door can provide some extra privacy from the passenger next to you.
  • For tall people, you should be able to extend your legs onto the footrest at the end of the seat even when the seat is up. I had to sit a bit lower in the seat to do that though.
  • There is a small nook across from the magazines to store your shoes.
  • The entertainment system is awesome. It has so many movies, music and TV shows. It is a major upgrade from the existing system, even though it was quite good.

Here was the menu I got going towards Hong Kong.

IMG_20141004_115221 IMG_20141004_115332 IMG_20141004_115429

Below is the picture of the seared tuna appetizer. I forgot to take a picture of the Halibut I had, but it was very good. It was much better than the first time I had it as it was too dry.


I walked around midflight to find the walkup bar. There was an assortment of sandwiches cookies, and desserts on the top shelf.

20141004_204015 20141004_204026

As the mid flight snack, I requested the noodles with duck. It was pretty good and a great snack. I got this again on my way back to Dallas.




I also missed a picture of the Dim Sum but it was ok. It was good for an airplane meal.

Overall Summary

It was a great flight. The cabin was pretty quiet, even though I was sitting in the last row. I couldn’t hear anyone use the restroom that was just next to me. The service was good and the seat was great. I really love this seat. I can’t wait to get back on it on my flight JFK-LHR next month enroute to Dublin.

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