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Mott32 Restaurant in Hong Kong Review

Mott32 Restaurant in Hong Kong Review

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

John Carter over at Top Travel Tips had recommended me this restaurant a short time before my trip so I decided to check it out. It was close to Hong Kong Station so I thought I would stop in before going to my hotel on a Sunday night.

When I went to Mott32 on a late Sunday night, it wasn’t very crowded at all. The protest may have something to do with it so I got a table right away. I was eating by myself so it wasn’t a big issue to find a table.

By the way, here was his review of the restaurant, which has more pictures of the restaurant and of one of the set meals.

The highlight dish I ordered was the Ibericos pork Chinese BBQ. It was amazing. It had the great flavor of Chinese BBQ along with the soft texture of Ibericos ham. I had it over Thanksgiving last year with my wife in Madrid, and Ibericos ham was amazing. There are several grades of even Ibericos ham and we both had the common quality (30-50EUR/kg) and the top quality ham (200EUR/kg) during our Tapas Food Tour in Madrid. There is a fine difference between the two, but to use such an expensive pork would be a waste when it will be braised. However, I did appreciate the softer texture of the Ibericos pork, compared to the normal pork that is normally used. Even their lean part of the bbq was so soft and smooth. The pork had a perfect ratio of fat to meat to really make the dish stand out as compared to even the best Chinese BBQ pork I had in the US.

The fried rice was also very good. It was a crabmeat and seafood fried rice. I was hoping it to be more like a Thai crab fried rice, but it had other seafood to complement the sharp flavor of the crab. Overall it was still very good. There was some scallions in there to provide a slight crunch to the fried rice.

The next time I’m here, I’ll be sure to get the Peking duck. I just thought it would be wasteful to have it all by myself.

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