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Overcoming Disappointment at Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong

Overcoming Disappointment at Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

John Carter over at Top Travel Tips was raving about this restaurant on his trip about six months ago, so I decided to try it out. I actually never thought to look for great Dim Sum in Hong Kong as I get it often in New York and its quite good.

I got lazy and went to the one in Hong Kong Station. I should have known better than to not go to the main branch near Olympic City. It was much more convenient for my day so I decided to go there. Of course there was a long line but I managed to squeeze into one of the single seats.

I sat down and ordered what was on the wall and a few other items I like. There are pictures of eight dishes on the back wall and I picked 4 of them.


And yes I ate all of that. Score one for the American-Chinese tourist. I think people around me got concerned I was eating that much, but proved them wrong by finishing the whole thing.

Homer Simpson: “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

Tim Ho Wan @ Olympic City

I had about a seven hour layover in Hong Kong on my way back to Dallas on American Airlines. When I checked into Melbourne, they couldn’t provide me with a boarding pass as it was a different itinerary and also that the flights were about seven hours apart. I decided to leave the airport around 8am and go into Hong Kong and eat my way back to the airport until my flight at 1pm.

I stopped into Tim Ho Wan on my way back to the airport. I took the train from Hong Kong Station to Olympic City. After asking a few shop keepers where this place was, I went to Tim Ho Wan. Here are some tips on how to get there from the Olympic City Station:

Here is the entrance, which is outside the mall.

These are the items I ordered:


Most posts I read online said that both locations were about the same. I cannot disagree with that more. The Olympic City one is much better than the one in Hong Kong Station. Maybe the chef wasn’t very good on the day I went to Hong Kong Station but if I only had one chance to go to one, I wouldn’t waste my time at Hong Kong Station. Go to the original (well it moved from the original location) one in Olympic City.

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