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Singapore Airlines Business, First and Private Room at SIN

Singapore Airlines Business, First and Private Room at SIN

Below are some pictures of Singapore Airport. You can also rent a bed at Snooze Lounge.

So there are three sections of the Singapore SilverKris Lounge:

Like the other SilverKris Lounge, the first class lounge is inside of the business class lounge. The Private room is inside of the first class lounge and is only accessible by departing first class passengers. Arriving first class passengers have access to only the first class lounge since all passengers have access to the terminal on arrival.

Business Class

It was in the middle of the day so it was crowded and busy. There are some food options here, along with drinks and beer/wine.

First Class

The first class section of the lounge is decorated differently than the business class lounge. It has white walls and marble, whereas the business class section is decorated with black walls.

The assortment of food and drinks increases and the alcohol selection is much better in the first class lounge.

Private Room:

Only departing first class passengers are allowed into the Private room. As you can see, there is significantly less passengers in this area of the lounge, even though the rest of the lounge is fairly busy.


There are a few private rooms you can relax in. Each room has a chair, ottoman and a small table.


Below are the pictures of the shower stalls in the private room bathroom. It isn’t as nice as some other lounges where there are separate shower rooms. In this one, it is part of the main bathroom.

There are a few dishes to choose from in the private room dining area. Unfortunately, my wife didn’t take a picture of the menu. If you don’t like what is on the menu, you can see what the first or business class lounge offers.




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