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Qantas MEL Domestic Business and First Class Lounge

Qantas MEL Domestic Business and First Class Lounge

At Melbourne, there are two separate terminals, one for international flights, another for the domestic flights. Since Qantas is the carrier for Australia, they built one lounge in each of the terminals. I had a connecting flight in Brisbane so my flight out of Melbourne was in the domestic terminal.

You enter into the business class terminal and the first class terminal is another section within the business class lounge, as seen below. There were many other sections within the first class lounge but I didn’t take pictures of it all unfortunately. Both business and first class lounges are very spacious and I came mid-day on Sunday and it wasn’t that crowded.

As always, there is more food in the first class terminal with a generous spread of hot food. In the center was curry chicken and rice.

There was also a separate area for tea and coffee just to the right of the main buffet area.

This was a great lounge to spend some time in.

I had some minor food issues here in the first class lounge and Qantas quickly resolved it over social media. Through my Instagram and twitter accounts, they found my passenger account through American Airlines, which was really nice of them (creepy too but its ok). I was very surprised by the Qantas team for their willingness to resolve it.

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