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Qantas BNE International Business and First Class Lounge

Qantas BNE International Business and First Class Lounge

This flight is part of my trip to Melbourne through Hong Kong and Macao:

When we landed at Brisbane domestic terminal, everything was closed by the time I got there as the last domestic flight had already left. Also, the domestic Qantas lounge was closed. To connect to my international flight (BNE-HKG on Cathay Pacific), I had to leave the terminal and go to the international terminal.

Once I got into the international terminal, I found the Qantas Lounge. The business and first class lounges were in separate areas and the entrance were across the hall from each other.

Qantas Brisbane International Business Class Lounge

The business class portion of the lounge was much bigger than the first class section. There is a decent view of the terminal from the business class lounge and you can see past the outside windows to see the planes on the tarmac. There were different areas of the lounge, including a quieter area and another area with a TV.

Below you will see the various snacks and beverage offerings. It wasn’t anywhere as nice or comprehensive as the Melbourne Domestic Lounge. It is enough for a snack but not enough for a full meal. Hopefully you are flying out of BNE internationally so you would get a meal on your flight.

Qantas Brisbane International First Class Lounge

This lounge was very small and had just a few refreshments and snacks off of the business class lounge. Some other travelers have noted that it can get crowded in here at times because there is just one room with a few chairs here.

Qantas noted that they are upgrading the lounges and are expected to be complete over the next year so hopefully the lounges will be bigger.

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