The Other Roman Colosseum

Stadium of Domitian, Piazza di Navona, Rome

Every major city has it’s cliche attractions: Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Empire State. In Rome the biggie is the Colosseum and while I did visit it, I actually enjoyed Rome’s OTHER Colosseum just as much. Turns out just about the time the original Colosseum finished up in 80AD, new Emperor Domitian decided to make his…

“Family Travel for Real Life” is This Saturday!


  Just a quick reminder that FT4RL will be held August 23 at the Hyatt House Dulles Airport in the Washington DC suburbs. Registration will begin at 9AM and sessions will run from 10-5:00 with a lunch and afternoon snack break included in admission. The event is officially sold out, but I visited the Hyatt…

2 Hyatt Place Hotels that Stand Above the Rest

Two of my favorite views, both thanks to Hyatt Place.

Kathy at Will Run for Miles had a funny post recently about deja vu at Hyatt Place hotels. I totally agree about the interiors, but wanted to give a shout out to 2 properties that literally stand above the rest in terms of view and value. Hyatt Place Seattle Downtown: Only a 10 minute walk from…

New Mom Freebies: Total No-Brainers!


By request, here’s an updated list of new mom freebies. Who doesn’t love free swag? I miss that new mom gravy train! The formula companies give you TONS of free stuff. Pampers has a points program for diapers and wipes, just like miles for airlines. I got tons of goodies for stuff I had to…

IHG Hotels Now 8% Cash Back on Ebates

holiday inn zocalo

I keep an eye on the Ebates double cash back list (so you don’t have to) and noticed a steal today: IHG Hotels are 8% cash back on Ebates. Combine that with the bonus points rates and you’ll scoop up a ton of points on the cheap.

Some Thoughts on Napoli


Naples seems to be a city people either love, or love to hate. I get it. It’s exhausting. Literally. I needed a nap by my 3rd day! Naples assaults your senses unlike any other city in Europe; in fact the best way I can describe it is to imagine a 3rd World Capital City dropped on…

Random Crap Found While Digging Up the Naples Metro

Statue Naples Subway

So today I rode the Naples Metro to the Naples National Archaeological Museum. My expectations were not high after yesterday’s excursion to Pompeii (more on that later) but I was blown away. My hotel is near the Toledo station and I ‘m so glad it is as I got to see an unexpected treasure: The…