Chicago (ORD) Admirals Lounge (Christmas Eve.)


I did not expect to get intimately familiar with the ORD lounge but I ended up here two weekends in a row and closed it out on Christmas Eve.  It’s important to note that there are two Admirals Club lounges in ORD.  This review is for the larger of the two lounges, located between the H and K terminals.  I also walked through the smaller lounge but only hung out there for about five minutes.  It was smaller and the view wasn’t nearly as nice.  You need to ride in an elevator to reach the larger Admirals Club.

Food: the food and drinks were standard for an Admirals Club- 2 soups, pitas and hummus, cookies, and brownie bites.  The complimentary drinks included house wine and beer, and unlike the DCA Admirals Club, the house beer does not include any microbrews.


Seating area: the seating area was larger than both the DCA and CLT Admirals Club lounges.  There were multiple rooms including: a quiet room, a bar, a tv room with stadiumish seating, a room with comfy chairs, and several other rooms.  Each room had a unique feel and you can see them in the videos below.

Service.  The food and drink service was standard.  Since I was waiting for a delayed flight, I was able to talk to the people at the desk.  They were impressive.  Mary had worked for American for over 20 years and tried every trick up her sleeve to get me out of ORD before Christmas.  Unfortunately, my flight was the last flight from ORD to DTW for the evening so I had no other options.  I was the last person in the lounged at closed it out at 10p when it closed.  I’m sure everyone wanted to go home for Christmas but they were very nice about notifying me that the lounge was closing.


These chairs were unique and pretty comfy.

Amenities.  The ORD Admirals Club has multiple showers, computers, and decently fast internet.  Admittedly I was the only person in the lounge when I conducted the internet speed test so the results were great (17 Mbps download and 37 Mbps upload).  110v plugs are plentiful.


All the plugs.


I’ll certainly visit again but DCA is my favorite Admirals Club (so far) because it is usually less crowded and offers better complimentary beer than the ORD lounge.  If the lounge didn’t close at 10p I certainly would have stayed there until 3a on Christmas (delayed flight).

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