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U.S. State Department’s Next-Gen Passport: Coming Soon?

The federal regulation that addresses the soon-to-be-eliminated option to buy additional pages for your passport book also discusses the Next Generation Passport.  We’ve heard that the U.S. State Department is discontinuing the option to buy additional pages for your passport book.  This option is useful when you travel so frequently that your passport book pages fill up before it’s time to renew your passport book. Unfortunately, starting on January 1st, ordering additional passport book pages will not longer be an option–you’ll have to pay for a new passport EVERY TIME the pages fill up.  For comparison, it’s $82 for additional pages but it’s $110 to renew a passport…

[Expired] Deal Alert: $1,348 Round-trip Business Class Airfare from New York to Paris

This deal is too good to pass up!  [deals like this tend to expire quickly so this article may be out of date after December 6, 2015] British Airways is offering cheap business class fares between JFK/EWR and CDG/ORY and availability is WIDE OPEN between now and March 31, 2016.  To find this fare, search using Google Flights.  You’ll see the following availability: This offer should stack with American’s 25,000 bonus redeemable miles offer for flights from the US to Europe flown by January 31st, but you’ll want to register for the promotion on American’s website prior to buying a ticket….

The Traveling Millennial

Hello world!  The Traveling Millennial is intended to provide useful travel advice and reviews to millennials who want balance being a professional with traveling the world.  The millennial generation roughly includes anyone born from the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s which means that millennials range from high school students to graduates of professional schools.  Those entering the work force are faced with demanding jobs that provide unpredictable and short vacation leave.  As a result, it is critical for millennials to use the strategies discussed in this blog to maximize their travel throughout the year. Since entering the work force, I’ve learned…