FREE Baggage Allowance with US Bank FlexPerks Card

in August of 2012, I applied for the US Bank FlexPerks Signature VISA card to get the 33,125 bonus points they were offering. The standard bonus point offer on this card is 17,500 (wtf???), but due to the Summer Olympics, and our glorious defeat of all the other nations, U.S. Bank decided it would be patriotic to offer additional points based on the medal count of the U.S. team.  Well, after receiving the card and meeting the minimum $2,500 spend within 4 months, I finally received my points.  However, one little perk went unnoticed with this card: A $25.00 allowance towards baggage fees, on board food purchases, or other airline incidentals. So the basic premise is pretty simple: Book your flight on their website using your award points (most flights west coast to east coast cost 30,000 or less), and then USE YOUR FLEXPERKS card to PAY FOR THE BAGGAGE Fee, either online when you check in with the airline, or at the airport kiosks/counters, then CALL US Bank and they will reimburse you for it!!

I’m betting that most people will overlook this benefit with the card, as it’s not something that is written in neon anywhere, when you make your airline booking on the FlexPerks website. It does indicate it on the sign-up page as an added benefit of the card, but like I said, not a lot of people will take advantage of it because you are not reminded of it when making a booking.  However, I want you to know about this so you too will be…..A Value Traveler.

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