How to save $1.00 on EVERY Peets Coffee Drinks

I love Peets Coffee. In fact, I favor them more than Starbucks. However, they are sorta infrequently located around town, but luckily, there’s a location close to my job, which I frequent often during the work week. Because my DNA is engrained with points and miles proteins, I complained to the manager, that Peets needs a loyalty program similar to Starbucks, but she said there isn’t anything on the horizon to start something like that. Having heard my conversation with the manager, the lovely barista, Jessica, who calls me by “Oz” now, offered up a way for me to get a discount on my caffeine dependency. She asked me if I have ever noticed my receipt when I order drinks, and I replied her with a simple, No. My curiosity finally set in, and I looked at the receipt that was in my back pocket, all squashed up. Well Well Well, lookie here! The top of the receipt clearly states “ Take a moment and share your experience with us and get $1.00 off your next drink”. I basically had a coupon in my hand for a buck off my next drink! I also noticed their were a ton of receipts left behind at the straw and condiments counter, that no one seemed to want. I mean, who keeps receipts for a morning coffee….right? I gathered all the ones I could see, like a hobo behind a dumpster, and neatly tucked them into my back pocket, and excitedly returned to my comfy office chair. I went to the website directed and filled out the easy 1 minute survey on all 5 receipts. Looks like the price of my 16 oz. vanilla lattes just got reduced to $3.45. I think I scored! Also, since I’m using my Chase Sapphire Preferred card to get 2x points for dining purchases…… double score! I told a coworker about it and she laughed at me (as often she does when I tell her how to get miles and points)….but nothing new. Someday, she will learn *sigh*.

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  1. Works for me! But, getting one of those coveted rare surveys is not easy. I do grab every one the barista graciously hands me. My Peet’s has just introduced their Peetnik Rewards offer. I’m all in.

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