British Airways 50,000 points with NO Annual Fee

Chase is back with a better offer for the British Airways Signature Visa Card. They are now offering 50,000 Avios points, with NO annual fee due the first year, after an easy $2,000 spend in the first 90 days of account opening. The old offer included an annual fee of $95, but this offer is way better.

I personally would never use these miles on British Airways flights because of the hefty fuel surcharges, but Avios points are (still) a bargain for flights on Alaska Airlines, since it is distance based now. You could score flights, for example, from Portland, Oregon to Las Vegas, for a mere 7,500 points one way! This is way better than Alaska’s offering of 12,500 for each way. Even better, flights to Vancouver B.C. for me would only be 4,500 points! Snowboarding anyone?? Alaska isnt the only partner you can use these points on.  You may use them on ANY One World carrier, which includes American Airlines and now US Airways, because of the merger.

I won’t be applying this round for this card, because like I said before, I already applied for 5 cards back in early June, and it’s way to soon to start knocking on Chase’s doors for a new card. However, I wanted to get the news out there for anyone looking to add a Chase card to their portfolio, and this card is great, because 50,000 Avios is actually worth a lot, and since there’s no annual fee the first year, you just cant go wrong.
The card itself has some good benefits, which I won’t go deep into, but I’ll highlight some of them here:
1. No Foreign Transaction fees, which are great if you travel outside the U.S. and want to use your card
2. You do get some sort of purchase protection insurance, but it is mediocre at best.
3. If you spend $30,000, you get a companion ticket, which can be used even with award redemptions, but with the fuel surcharges, it will still sting you in the pocketbook.


The Chase British Airways Signature VISA card is offering 50,000 points after spending $2,000 in 3 months. It is a great card to use for flights on Alaska Airlines, especially if you are west coast based.  There is NO annual fee the first year, and the points can be used to book FREE flights on American Airlines and any other OneWorld airline.

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