Air France: Direct Flights Soon Between Paris-Orly and JFK-New York

If you have ever flown to Paris, you will know the mess it can be arriving at CDG – Charles de Gaulle International Airport.  The transfer times, the rude airport staff, and the distance from the city, is enough to cause a migraine to surface.  It is refreshing to hear that Air France is now going to offer direct flights from Paris – Orly to New York’s JFK, starting June 6th, with a daily flight to and from.  If you are traveling to Europe this summer, this may be a worthwhile booking, as Air France has tons of connections to European cities from Orly at decent times throughout the day.  Also, there are only two terminals at Orly, making the transfer process streamlined and efficient. Major carriers just as British Airways, Air Berlin, Alitalia, and Iberia all operate from here, to major connections points throughout Europe and beyond.  Alaska Airlines partner Icelandair also operates flights out of Orly. See the flight times below.

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  1. In the past, I’ve been solving this problem by flying Lufthansa First Class across the pond, and then connecting to Orly. I always like more options though.

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