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Earn Bonus AAdvantage Miles with Uber

Looks like now you can earn American Airlines AAdvantage miles for using Uber. An email was sent out to AAdvantage® Aviator™ Red MasterCard® holders, about an opportunity to earn miles, using your card to pay for the Uber ride.  The best part of this deal is there are no limits to how many miles you can earn. The more you ride Uber, the more miles you get. You will get 2 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles for every $1 spent on Uber purchases, when you use your card to pay for your ride.  There is also a deal at for new Uber users to receive $20 off their first ride using the promo code listed on the site. Unfortunately, I don’t qualify as I have already signed up for Uber before, and take full advantage of the $20 off your first rude promo with Capital One.

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