Double Dip Samsung Pay Promo + Chase Freedom Q2 Bonus

There’s a nice little perk with Samsung Pay going on, where if you use it 3x between April 15th and May 10th, you can get a $30 gift card for Best Buy, eBay, Game Stop, or Regal Entertainment. You can choose which one you want after you meet the qualified purchases.  There are some restrictions on this, and Doctor of Credit has a nice post about all those listed on his site.  I think this has super value, if you can double dip this by adding your Chase Freedom card to Samsung Pay, so that it also qualifies for an additional 5% off at grocery stores! I know my grocery store takes Samsung Pay, and I’ll use it this weekend to pick up a few gift cards.  After I’m done completing the 3 purchases, I plan on getting the eBay gift cards, as there are always deals to be bought on eBay every now and then.  Also going through a shopping portal for greater savings, adds up.

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