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Top 10 Travel Items

Top 10 Travel Items

Here is a quick list of travel items that never leave our travel bags. I usually regret leaving any of these at home.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

One of these items is a real investment for travel as each of these cost over $200. This is definitely not for the traveler that flies twice a year for the holidays. Not to say that it won’t benefit every traveler, but you have to be traveling quite a bit to justify getting one of these headphones. I have been flying 100k miles for the past few years and only recently got one of these. I normally use my SWU for AA international business class so they hand out an older version of the Bose Headphones, but sometimes they don’t give it out until two hours into the flight and take it away an hour before landing. I also just like my own set of headphones. Here are the two kinds I have:

I have tried a few cheaper versions from Sennheiser and Sony, but none of them can match the noise cancellation of Bose. The audio quality is noticeably higher in Sennheiser, but I prefer more noise cancellation than sound quality.

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