Longrain Melbourne – Restaurant Review

Back in December one of my bosses recommended I try a Thai restaurant in Melbourne called Longrain. I work for a tech firm, so it’s pretty rare that I get phenomenal restaurant recommendations from people at work – I’m more likely to get great pub recommendations.

I took the recommendation and visited Longrain for the first time in early December. I went on a very busy Friday night. We had to wait for over an hour for a table (at 7:30pm), but the bar was great – very trendy – and the time flew by. By the time we were seated at the communal style dining tables, it was late, very dark inside and very noise.

We ordered the seared yellow fin tuna with watermelon, mint, ginger and black vinegar. It was good, the tuna was fresh and the flavors worked well together. It wasn’t my favorite dish, but certainly not bad. My friend actually really enjoyed the dish and ate most of it. The second dish we ordered was the spiced Sher Wagyu beef stir fried with snake beans and caramelized chilies. I loved this dish. The Wagyu was amazingly tender and so flavorful. The dish was moderately spicy – just enough kick. We couldn’t get enough of this dish.

After that visit, for the next month, I couldn’t get the spiced Sher Wagyu off my mind. I literally could have eaten it at least once a week. So, for my last dinner in Melbourne, we went back to Longrain tonight. This time, there was no wait (at 6:45pm)

We started off with the betel leaves topped with smoked trout, chili, roasted galangal (a Thai ginger), garlic and trout roe. There is one leaf per order and the presentation of the dish is stunning. You’re meant to eat the entire dish by rolling the contents in the leaf. The dish was delicious, but very spicy. I downed an entire glass of water after eating one. Of course, we ordered the Wagyu and it was just as good as I remembered. This time, it was a bit spicier, but not scorching. The Wagyu was cooked perfectly and was so tasty. We also ordered the red curry spiced pork belly and trout with snake beans. It was incredibly spicy – more spice than I cared for – and I found the pork belly a little tough. The trout was very well cooked and I enjoyed that.

Longrain has two locations, one in Melbourne – which I visited – and one in Sydney. Longrain’s executive chef is Martin Boetz. His food is modern Asian with Thai and Southern Chinese influences. In Australia, Australian Good Food and Travel Guide awards Chef’s Hat’s to the best restaurants which continually distinguish themselves from the competition. Boetz has 11 chef hats.

Next time you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, you must stop at Longrain for an incredible meal you’re not soon to forget.

P.S. – turns out my boss who made the recommendation is a formally trained chef and foodie. He’s since recommended several other restaurants resulting in some of the best meals I’ve had in Australia.

betel leaves topped with smoked trout, chili, roasted galangal (a Thai ginger), garlic and trout roe

Spiced Sher Wagyu beef stir fried with snake beans and caramelized chilies

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