Starwood’s Beat The Timer – how did I not know about this!?!

Is this one of Starwood’s best kept secrets?  Starwood’s Beat the Timer website offers deeply discounted hotels throughout Europe and the Middle East.  For 72 hours, featured hotels offer a limited number of rooms via this site.  All rates are pre-paid and do count towards status and are eligible to earn points.

Since I’m in Europe and have three weekends to fill, I decided to check out the deal at the Le Meridien Etoile, Paris.  The Beat The Timer rate is EUR 139.00.  The best available rate (pre-paid) on is EUR 143.00, my corporate rate is EUR 150 and AAA is EUR 161.  In this case, the Beat The Timer rate isn’t a huge savings over the standard pre-paid rate.

The Westin Excelsior Rome is a much better deal. The Beat the Timer rate is EUR 224.00 The best available rate (pre-paid) on is EUR 300.00, my corporate rate is EUR 240 and AAA is EUR 270.  In this case, if you’re planning a last minute trip to Rome, the Beat the Timer rate might be perfect for you.

Next time you’re looking to book with Starwood in Europe or the Middle East, check out Beat the Timer!

Starwood's Beat The Timer Website

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  1. Nice! I’ll have to keep this in mind.

  2. Cool, I didn’t know about this.

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