If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck then it must be a…Hilton?

The Hilton in the community Foundation, Hilton Hotel’s foundation in Great Brittan, has gone to the ducks, literally. Hilton hotels in Europe are selling Ducks for Change – miniature rubber ducks painted with fun costumes. You can collect ducks with 18 from participating hotels and all net profits go to Hilton in the Community Foundation, a grant-making trust focused on supporting young people in the areas of health and education.

Hilton’s Duck For Change Facebook page

In 2010 Hilton in the Community Foundation helped over 300,000 children by awarding over £1 million to 236 charities. Ducks for Change has raised over £20,000 and as the campaign continues to grow Hilton expects this figure will increase.

There are 18 different ducks and some are of the ducks are only available at Diamond Duck hotels and online.

A few of the Standard Ducks:

Ducks are available at participating European Hotels. I can tell you that Hilton The Hague is a Diamond Duck Hotel, so they had these cute ducks.

The Hilton Ducks for Change have all sorts of adventures! To follow them on their adventures your can become a fan of the Ducks for Change Facebook page. The Ducks are sold in sets of three. If you want to buy a set buy a set from one of over 80 participating Hilton Worldwide Hotels across Europe or you can email your order to

This is such a great idea and great way to raise to money for wonderful causes across Europe. If you’re a duck lover, consider buying yourself a flock next time you’re at a participating Hilton!

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