Traveling With Multiple Personalities

When you are traveling with family or friends, you’re bound to run into a lot of different personalities.  Sometimes that can make for a great trip, and other times, it can make for a challenge.  At first glance, you might think I was inspired by Plush Adventures when writing this post, but alas, these images were the only  ones that captured what I was trying to get across and were part of my clip art subscription.  (Sorry Plush Adventures)

In December I took a vacation with two friends who I’d never traveled with before. You never quite know what you’re going to get when you travel with friends (or family for that matter) and this was no exception.  Each of us, including me, had our own unique personalities and quirks.  So what’s your travel personality?

The Planner Personality

planner smurf

The planner has every single part of the trip planned within a plus or minus 5 minute time frame.  From arrival to departure, the planner knows exactly what he/she will be doing on ever step of the trip.  It can be especially hard to travel with this type of traveler if you’re not on the same page.   Luckily, I didn’t have a planner on my recent vacation trip!

The Lazy Traveler Personality

lazy smurf copy







The lazy traveler, which could actually describe me, has no plans and like to move at their own pace.  They can be spontaneous, easy going and typically don’t travel well with the Planner Personality.  In my case, I don’t like to set alarms, I like to find things as I go, discover things along the way without having a set plan.  I think this is my vacation style because my day-to-day life is very planned.  One of the other girls I traveled with on this vacation had a very similar travel personality, which was great, because we never got into arguments about being late, or needing to do or see something…but you have to be careful, because it also means you could miss out if no one takes charge (we didn’t miss out though, our third traveler made sure of that!)

The Grumpy Traveler Personality

grumpy smurf







No one likes the grumpy traveler! Now, I’m not talking about one off day, I’m talking about that person who is never, ever happy.  No matter what you do, they find something to complain about. No matter where you are, they find something wrong with it. This travel personality will never be happy and in my own opinion, unless you’re a saint, you should avoid travel with this type of personality (unless their a blood relative and you have no other choice).

The Brainy Traveler Personality

brainy smurf copy







This type of travel personality can be a good one, or a bad one.  It really depends  on your own personality and what you can put up with.  This person knows everything about everything and has a fact for every figure.  You could be sitting on the sand and he/she would know some obscure fact about the specific type of sand – and he’ll share it! (I happen to know someone like this – luckily he balances it with many other personality types, so he’s okay to travel with)

The Perfectly Polished Traveler  Personality







This traveler has the perfect outfit, the perfect pair of shoes, the perfect look for just about every situation you might encounter on your adventure. It also probably means a large suitcase(s) and a lot of prep time before the polished traveler can get on their way.  This personality won’t go out without making sure every hair is in place and they’ve looked in the mirror twice (or three times depending on the travel destination!)  This person might not be the most fun to travel with if you’re low key and quick!

The Kitchen Sink  Traveler Personality 

kitchen smurf







Okay, unfortunately clip art subscriptions don’t always have the perfect Smurf images! I couldn’t find a Smurf with an overpacked suitcase or a kitchen sink. So this one will have to do for the Kitchen Sink Traveler.  This person has everything they could ever need packed along with them.  They usually show up with way more than 1 suitcase filled with everything from first aid supplies (which are handy) to things they’ll likely never unpack.   This travel personality is also usually the one who will stop in every knick-knack shop to pick up souvenirs they’ll just pack away once they get home.  Aside from dragging you into every store along the way, this type of personality is usually pretty easy to travel with – so long as they carry their own luggage!

Which Travel Type are you?

3 Comments on "Traveling With Multiple Personalities"

  1. We may never be able to travel together, because I’m a Planner for sure!

  2. This is a great post. I am somewhere between a Lazy Traveler and a Planner Traveler. I would, in theory, like to fly by the seat of my pants, but I think I would miss all of the awesomeness that my 100% Planner Traveler wife finds for us to do.

  3. I will totally pour over menus and reviews six months out and research years in advance but am a lazy traveler once we get there. All the research is mostly a guideline/priority list and we go with the flow when we arrive.

    We’ve travelled with Planners before. If they’re independent, it’s great as they’ll go off on their own and we meet back up. The insecure ones? Totally turned into the Grump in wanting everybody to do things together with her.

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