Bye Bye Bangkok

I’d love to say it’s forever, but I am sure I’ll be back in a month or two.  I love your country and the people I work with, but I just can’t take the smog and traffic in Bangkok.  For April Fools I told all my friends that I bought a villa in Phuket and would fly into Bangkok every day for work and fly back to the villa for fresh air at night.  You’d be surprised how many of my friends believed me.

I look forward to vising again on holiday when I can spend time in the lovely parts of your country.

This trip has been quite an adventure, but I’m happy to be leaving (not so happy it’s on an Air China) so I can have a few short weeks in the US before my next trip at the end of April.

Here are some photos from this trip


Horrible Traffic means 60 minute commute to work every day


Smog. Enough said.


Pulled over by the Thai Police

Movie Seats

Movie Seats at Bangkok Airways Theater


Dinner at Thailand’s #1 Restaurant in 2013 – L’Appart @Sofitel Sukhumvit

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  1. Given all your travel to/within Thailand, how would you compare Thai and Bangkok Air ( and even AirAsia) for intra-Thailand travel? (Hey-that could be your next column!). Thanks.

  2. @Flyer Dad – most of Thai Airways flights within Thailand are operated by Thai Smile now. It’s a great option for a lower cost carrier, especially if you have status with Star Alliance because you avoid paying baggage fees. I liked the Thai Smile planes better than the Air Asia or Bangkok Airways planes. I flew Air Asia a lot over the holidays and while they are cheaper, there are tons of add-ons to consider (baggage, seat assignment, mandatory insurance, etc…) it’s worth comparing the three (but there’s no aggregation site that I know of that has those three, so I go to each site.) The flights are short, so my first choice is always Thai Smile (for free bags) and then usually Air Asia as I find Bangkok to be more expensive usually.

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