The 21st Century Tray Table Is Here

According to Smart Tray International, sales of devices like iPad and tables exceeded 65 million in 2011. They forecast that by 2015 sales will exceed 287 million and more than 780 million devices will be in consumer hands by 2016.  That’s a lot of electronics and devices that end up on-board flights.

The Smart Tray International, SmartTray will change the face of tray tables as we know them. Smart Tray International markets and sells proprietary tablet based In Flight Entertainment (IFE) solutions offering airlines cutting edge technology, rapid deployment, a low investment threshold and generous revenue sharing opportunities. Their X1 is on the market and X2 will be the first wirelessly powered tray table offered.  Interestingly, they also say that their tray tables can be installed overnight.

The tray tables offer slots for iPad like devices that can either be permanently installed by the airlines or used by on-board customers. Some of them have grooves that will allow an iPad or Tablet to rest comfortably on the table without sliding or falling.  They even have a model that has a USB and headphone port.

Here’s a look at the future (photos courtesy of Smart Tray International)

tray table 1 tray table 3


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