Starwood Spoils Me, This Time With Kate Spade

Packaging in box

I love that little unexpected knock at the door when I see the Fedex guy holding a shiny box with an SPG logo on it!


This box not only had the Starwood Preferred Gust logo, but a Kate Spade Logo as well. I instantly knew what was inside – the coveted SPG/Kate Spade tote!  But what I didn’t know was which design would be inside.  I tore open this box, like a little kid on Christmas, and found adorable wrapping (which in fact matches my laptop background.

Laptop background

Laptop background

Packaging in box

Packaging in box

Inside was an adorable pink/cream tote with the words “Paradise Island”.  There is a gold anchor embellishment and the trademark Kate Spade gold spade logo.  Inside is a zip pocket and a magnet closure to keep the top of the bag closed.  I will take this new bag on my trip to Phuket later this month! Great timing for me ,but who wouldn’t love a great Kate Spade for Starwood tote anytime.

starwood bag

The bags retail for $198, so this is a great treat from Starwood! And I’m thrilled to have it.


Have you gotten a Starwood Kate Spade Tote? Which design did you get?

12 Comments on "Starwood Spoils Me, This Time With Kate Spade"

  1. Did you redeem points? Was it because you’re lifetime? How can we also get a bag? 🙂

  2. @Traveling Well for Less – you can buy the bag at Kate Spade stores ($198 USD). I have no idea why I got it. Didn’t redeem points – nor would I ever waste points on that type of redemption. SPG points are too valuable. I emailed my ambassador to ask why I got it. Suspect it’s just because I spend so much time at SPG.

  3. @TWFL – they sent it “just because they thought I’d enjoy it” which you can also read – I spend more than 100 nights a year w/SPG and lots of money 🙂

  4. I got the blue/cream “rest and relaxation” one thru their faceook contest 🙂

  5. @Diana, how cool! I didn’t even see the blue one!

  6. You get so much cool stuff from SPG! I am jealous!

  7. What a great surprise! That is a lot of time to spend at SPG but worth it for the best points in my opinion and nice gifts like what you received.

  8. I’d like to trade the random toys for kids that Howie randomly got for this. I mean, I sacrifice for his travel just as much as he does so I should be rewarded…not the kids we don’t have. 😉

  9. @Sara
    He should tell his ambassador what his preferences are

  10. I noticed the blue (and possibly green?) when the collaboration was announced, but havent seen them on the retail site recently.

  11. I just received the blue Rest and Relaxation one today – nice surprise!

    Not sure how I scored it but I have been a Platinum member for years.

  12. I received the green golf one for my birthday! A nice surprise… especially since my husband is the one with all the stays!

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