Shocking Hyatt Hotels Announcment

Hyatt in India Announces Appointment of First Female GM

When I read the headline, all I could say was, wow!  It took until 2013 for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts to appoint a woman GM in India?  In a country where there has been a female prime minister, Indira Gandhi, who came into power in 1966, the fact that Hyatt has to say in 2013 that it’s “reinforcing its commitment to diversity and inclusion” is truly shocking.

To reinforce its commitment to diversity and inclusion Hyatt would have had to have previous female GMs in India.  They can’t even say it’s a global commitment, unless they say unless they say it’s a global commitment that existed everywhere but India (and while I don’t know for sure, I’d suspect that there are other countries without female GMs yet.)

Ms. Britta Leick-Milde – who Hyatt said has recently taken over as General Manager of Hyatt Regency Kolkata, has the honor of being the first female GM in India since Hyatt started operations in India in 1983. It took Hyatt 30 years – 30 – to finally appoint a female GM.  Is it possible that in the last 30 years there hasn’t been a single qualified female who could lead a Hyatt hotel in India?

hyatt female GM

Hopefully it won’t take Hyatt another 30 years to find another woman to fill a GM role in India.

Hyatt uses this announcement to highlight its Women’s Experience initiative:

Hyatt’s Women’s Experience Initiative:   As part of its focus on thoughtful innovation and listening to the needs of its guests, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts launched its ‘Women’s Experience’ initiative early this year after conducting an 18-month study into the needs of the female traveler. The research included findings from more than 40 focus groups around the world, looking for ways to better meet guests’ needs and help them maintain their momentum of lifestyle whilst travelling.

Some of the key features of the ‘Women’s Experience’ include creating specialized dining menus to maintain health and well-being and carry through Hyatt’s philosophy of ‘Food — Thoughtfully Sourced, Carefully Served’, introduction of special cosmetic products in the room, and a “Hyatt Has It” service providing women with frequently forgotten items. These ideas are completely tailored to suit women’s individual preferences.

What do you think?  Is it surprising to you that it took Hyatt 30 years to appoint a female GM in India?

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  1. “Is it possible that in the last 30 years there hasn’t been a single qualified female who could lead a Hyatt hotel in India?”

    Is that the right bar to set? The goal should be to hire the best person for the job (male or female), not an adequate female.

  2. Such a victim you are. Anything else you’re owed?

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