American Tourist Murdered In Thailand

An American tourist, who demanded to keep singing karaoke after being told to stop, was killed outside of the bar by one of the musicians.

According to a local Thai police , Bobby Ray Carter Jr, a 51 years old American businessman died in a hospital after being stabbed in the chest early Wednesday morning at Ao Nang beach in Thailand’s Krabi province.

Carter and his son, Adam, had reportedly gotten drunk, started singing with the band, and refused to leave the stage to let other customers sing along.

Carter argued with the band and knocked over their tip jar. He was stabbed in the chest with a metal rod in the scuffle that ensued outside the Little Longhorn Saloon. His son sustained injuries to the head and chest.


The Longhorn Saloon is a popular Krabi bar.

All three band members were arrested and face charges of causing death by physical attack. The band members claim they were defending themselves.

This is just one of many recent incidents in Thailand that have caused several countries (not including the US) to warn citizens from visiting Thailand.

In early July Troy Lee Pilkington, an American citizen who had lived in Thailand for three years, was killed with a machete during a fare dispute in Bangkok. The fare was 51 Thai baht (about $1.60). Pilkington argued with the driver, allegedly, saying that he was cheated and then threw coffee in the drivers face, causing the driver to stab with with a machete. In this case, security camera footage helped police track down the suspect and arrest him.

The lesson? There are several.

First, you need to be careful where ever you are.  My friends and I took pictures in front of this bar while we were in Krabi in December.  I would have never guessed it would be the scene of a murder.

Second, don’t make an ass of yourself. When you’re in another country, especially where there are different cultural standards, try to respect the locals.

Lastly, you go on holiday to enjoy yourself. The last thing you want to deal with is a crime or worst case scenario, death.  Ensure you have a great trip by staying alert, being conscious of your behaviour and most of all, having fun.

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