What Makes A Good Hotel

Inspired by a string of bad hotel stays (I think all my bad stays were saved up for the same two weeks this year!) I decided to come up with a list of what makes a good hotel.

Here’s what makes a good hotel in my opinion:

  • Cleanliness – this has to go without saying, but unfortunately far too many hotels overlook so many details.  A dirty hotel is one I will never return to. I don’t want to walk away with dirty feet, I don’t want to have to clean the the shower myself, I don’t want to see stains on towels or anything for that matter.  Cleanliness is next to godliness… I think that’s the saying.
  • Good Condition – the hotel has to be in good condition. Not everything has to be brand new, but things need to look well maintained. I don’t want to see broken furniture, light fixtures that don’t work, a shower handle that’s broken, etc…
  • Wifi – in today’s day and age, good wifi is a necessity. Even on vacation people want to connect.  If I can’t open a simple application, like Gmail, then your wifi isn’t sufficient.  If I’m on business, good wifi is even more critical.
  • Outlets – I have an iPad, iPhone, macBook, and camera battery charger. I need to be able to plug them in without crawling behind the sofa or bed, and the outlets need to be located near the desk or nightstands – not in the bathroom.  Two outlets behind the bed just isn’t going to cut it anymore.
  • Noise reduction – I am at a hotel, usually, to sleep. Hotels need to ensure that the noise from air conditionings and other items in the room is minimal. There’s nothing worse than lying awake wondering if your should turn the air off so that it will stop rattling.

These are the primary things that I personally need to make a hotel stay good.

What makes a good hotel for you?

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  1. You pretty much nailed it for me with one exception I bring a midi so I don’t have to worry about the WiFi. As far as priority goes I would have noise reduction in my top 2 along with cleanliness.

  2. The White Noise app on my iPhone has been essential in combating your last point. I use it whenever I’m sleeping some place unfamiliar. It is a lifesaver even if something else in the room is making an annoying noise or if you are in a thinly insulated house with loud people.

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