Traveling With A Tot: Germs Happen

By VGP Blogger, Kate

Germs. They are a fact of life. Before I had my daughter I took minimal precautions against these nasty creatures, but now I am a bonafide germaphobe.  I’m “that mom” who wipes down the airline seats with antibacterial wipes, is obsessive about hand-washing, and always is happy to offer hand sanitizer.


The really unfortunate part of traveling during the winter months is that people get sick and when people get sick they either can’t travel or don’t want to pass those germs on to other families. Whenever we have to cancel or postpone a trip we all feel a little deflated and disappointed. Unpacking a packed suitcase that never left the house is just depressing.

We, unfortunately,  just experienced another one of these postponements. We go on an annual mountain retreat to the lovely town of Asheville, NC. We join four other families – three of which have babies under the age of two. That makes it a grand total of 10 adults and 4 toddlers. One of the families has a member plagued with mononucleosis. MONO! The last time mono was a topic of conversation among my friends was in college – the glory days of germ sharing.

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Due to a few other things that have been making this trip hard to plan and execute, we decided to postpone until the summer months. The rental agency was kind enough to let us move the trip for no additional cost. We are all now looking forward to our mountain getaway during the warmer, less germy months.

Moral of the story is that when you have kids –things happen and you have to be flexible. Germaphobe or not you will hit all sort of unexpected challenges when traveling with a family. Sometimes these challenges will require a change of plans and at other times you may just need an extra cocktail when you get to your destination!

Have you ever had to reschedule a trip due to sickness?


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